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Leisure Traveller services

Do you go on holiday abroad once or more every year? Perhaps you have a second home abroad? It doesn’t matter where you travel, or even how often you travel abroad, it’s still important to keep in contact with friends and family at home. By purchasing an Aether Mobile global …

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Porteña Justice called on cell phone companies to block Uber

The blockade of Uber’s services was requested last February by judges Fernando Bosch and Marcela De Langhe following a request made by Chamber Prosecutor Martin Lapadú. On this occasion, ENACOM received the judicial ruling and relayed it to the operators to submit a request for the porteña Justice, which was …

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Student services

Are you going on a gap year or working abroad? It can be very expensive to keep in touch with parents wanting to know your every move, or to tell friends all about your latest news! It’s understandable that parents want to make sure you are safe and well and …

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Business Traveller services

Do you travel overseas on business? The Aether Mobile global roaming SIM is ideal for keeping in contact with the office and family and friends, and reducing your mobile costs. Give your business a global presence – our regular travellers add their Aether Mobile number to their business cards to …

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How to avoid bill shocks when travelling

When travelling abroad, whether it’s for leisure or business, most people will go to great lengths to find the best deal for villas, hotels, flights, train journeys, transfers, car parking andcar hire. But how many have thought to check out the benefits of using analternative mobile/cellnetwork when they travel abroad? …

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Axia Announces Venture with Aether Mobile

Axia FX, who helpsbusiness and private customers to buy currency and benefit from the best rates of exchange, isexcited to launcha joint venture with Aether Mobile.Both companies offer solutions for cost saving while travelling or conducting international business. Aether Mobile provideslow cost roaming options, with solutions available for people travelling …

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