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Your ticket to avoiding international roaming costs when you’re abroad!

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed (if you travel abroad and use your mobile to phone home regularly then you probably have), but if you use your mobile phone to make calls when you’re abroad, using your normal mobile/cell, the call costs are astronomical.

By using an Aether Mobile SIM to make and receive calls and SMS when you’re abroad, you can make huge savings on calls and text messages with our low costs – you could save yourself up to 90%.

Aether Mobile operates its own mobile network, bringing you genuine low call costs and excellent call quality, worldwide! Aether Mobile is a licensed MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), providing a superior global roaming mobile service for the travelling person in mind.  By using the Aether Mobile global roaming SIM when abroad, leisure and business travellers alike can use their mobile/cell to make and receive calls and text messages, with peace of mind that it won’t cost them the earth.

Our network covers 206 countries and over 565 international network operators, giving us the backing to provide a service which is able to reduce call rates by up to 90% worldwide. With a strong technical team behind us, we are continuously developing our platform and available services.

To make life easy for your family and friends back at home (the service is beneficial to anyone, from any country as the rates charged by Aether Mobile ensure huge savings are made when compared against any local or domestic service when roaming abroad), you can even forward your voice calls to your Aether Mobile number so you’ll never miss a call from home.  Alternatively, you can provide your Aether Mobile number before you go, allowing you to be contacted directly when travelling meaning you never have to miss a call again due to Bill Shock.

The great thing about the Aether Mobile service is that there are no contracts to sign.  It is a prepaid service so you top up when you need to.  Our SIM is free when you buy it with some credit, so you can use it straight away!  The service is a callback service, which enables us to cut out roaming costs, enabling you to keep in touch for less.

Thank you for visiting Aether Mobile.  We look forward to being of service to you.

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